While the website has taken a back seat while we learn the ropes of the system, our superb volunteers have been hard at work during the off season, carrying out a lot of tasks to help improve Eden Park Avenue. The list still remains quite long, but if you could lend a couple of hours at the weekends, then please get in touch via the contact details on the home page.

Pitch Update

Along with many of the jobs around the ground, the pitch has been having its continued excellent maintenance over the summer and this week the first cut took place. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the EPA this season to play great football on a great surface. This week we also have the new floodlight being finished off, lets hope the on field performances this season will match the quality of our off field additions.



Eye in the Sky

This week we received a drone photo which was taken from the adjacent Harvington Woods, as you can see from the photo below, it shows a good view of where the EPA is situated. For any first time visitors this season, we will get this up on our contact details page as well. Photo credit: David Kennedy.



A Final Farewell For Now

Last week we held the wake for Club legend Geoff Ward, Geoff devoted hours on end towards Beckenham Town FC, while Geoff is now at rest, we know he will still be with us all the way into the seasons ahead.