The Cost and Value of Your Roof

The roof of your home is considered as the protective shield that keeps you safe against nature’s wrath. With your roof, you are protected from rain, sleet, snow and heat over the course of the changing seasons in a year and lasting for several years. Clearly, it serves as the defending bastion of your home to keep everything safe and sound against the forces of Mother Nature. Without it, your home is left prone to damage such as holes, missing roof shingles or even leaking. If you’re look to sell your home, the value of your roof is important. The roof of your house serves as a first impression on how you maintain your home. The lower the quality of the roof, the lower the chances of your home being bought by your client. What are the factors that affect the cost and value of your roof? Here are some of the things that determine your roof’s cost.

Type of Material Used

It’s a given that the better and more expensive the material used on your roof, the higher the chances of your home getting bought. The type of material used in the composition of your roof determines its value as stronger and sturdier materials come at a much higher price. Once potential buyers get a hold of that fact, they’ll probably tip the scales in your favor if you want to sell your home. For example, a home with slate roofing would have a higher cost and value than a home with only a wooden shingles for the roof.

General Condition of the Roof

The overall condition of the roof is important if you’re planning to sell your home. If your roof is kept at its best condition by conducting the necessary repairs and making regular maintenance, chances are, the cost and value of your roof would be significantly higher than that of a roof that’s visibly damaged or not well-maintained over the years. A clean and intact roof typically attracts potential buyers to your home if you want to sell it.


Any Presenting Damage on the Roof

Just about any kind of damage on your roof is a downer when it comes to the cost and value of your roof. If you want to raise the value of your roof, making the necessary repairs is crucial. For example, a portion of the roof with missing shingles or cracked tiles isn’t a very attractive thing to look at which lowers the cost and value of your roof.

Leaks, Rotting or Gaps

Underlying damage on the roof can also lower its cost and value. For example, rotting felt found beneath the shingles, leaky ceilings and gaps that let the water seep through the roof and into your home will not do any good for the overall cost of your roof. Read more