As a fan of Maidstone United, I found this a book that was difficult to put down. The memories of The Stones’ glorious return to senior non league football has been told in the inimitably entertaining style of local Kent Messenger journalist Fred Atkins.

Maidstone Utd winning KL CupAtkins writes from the unashamed viewpoint of the rabid Maidstone supporter, with no apology given for for his black and amber leanings throughout the entire 84 pages. (He started following the club as a ball boy in the late 70’s at Maidstone’s old London Road Stadium). The etiquette that he is required to observe when writing for his employer is tossed away with abandon, as he reverts to a style reminiscent of the late (and lamented by some) Maidstone United fanzine “Shafted!” which he used to produce back in the dark days of The Stones’ hiatus in the British Energy Kent County League.
Double Clinched at Cheriton Road
The result for any Maidstone fan reading this book, is that you get the feeling that you are reminiscing about the whole season with your mates down at your local (as you do.) It’s fun and the time just flies by.


The fact that the season was so stunningly successful for Maidstone obviously made the task of putting together this publication so much more enjoyable for the author. A little rough around the edges in places, (this is Atkins’ first attempt at such a venture) it can be accepted by the reader, that the time constraints of getting the book to publication have caused some of the (very) minor production errors contained within.

EvMUFC supporters at Eden Park Avenueery match played during season 2001-2002, right from the first pre-season friendly at Faversham Town, through to the season’s finale in late May at Folkestone, is covered by a detailed synopsis of events. Each match report has been re-written to include the author’s own perspective on a rollercoaster year, (so no cut and paste jobs from websites – official or otherwise – or newspapers, have been entertained). Statistics relating to attendances, scorers, team line-ups and match star ratings are included, together with a “Did you know?” feature relevant to each game. Also, over 120 photographs have been included, supplied from official club photographer Peter Norris and official club website editor Jonathan . Load more